Mornings with God

Meditating on Psalm 3:2

“Lord, how are they increased that trouble me!  Many are they that rise up against me” (Psalm 3:2)

Good morning,

Do you ever feel like the entire world is crashing down around you?  Perhaps you feel hopeless like there’s no way out, like your situation will never change.  I’ve felt that way more times than I care to share.

Regardless of how I felt, one thing was sure:  God lifted my head.  God always encouraged me, reminding me that He was ready to help me.  No matter how sad I felt, I couldn’t stay that way long because His presence lifted me out of the pit of despair.

God is there for you as well.  Cry out to Him.  He’ll lift your chin, encouraging you to look up to Him instead of looking around at your circumstances.  When you’ve given up, resigning yourself to the belief that things will never change, God awakens you, refreshes you, and upholds you.

Let me reassure you that things will get better.  No matter how dark and bleak the situation seems, good will/can come of it.  That’s a promise.


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