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Meditating on Psalm 2:11

“Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling” (Psalm 2:11)

Good morning,

Yesterday we discussed delighting and meditating in the law of the Lord.  Today I want to talk about serving the Lord.  The words “serve” and “servant” have negative connotations that may hinder some Believers from wanting to serve or be a servant.  However, we are called to serve the Lord.

Serve here simply means “to work for another.”  When we understand what working for God means, we realize that serving Him isn’t a chore but a privilege and honor.

Most of us already work.  We go to a secular job and perform specific tasks for which we are compensated with a paycheck.  We usually give our employer eight hours each day, which doesn’t include the time we spend commuting to work and back home. We may not like our jobs or employers, but we’re usually faithful to that job because we need that paycheck to pay our bills.  That job cannot get us into heaven, yet we serve faithfully.

Serving God with respect and reverence comes with certain benefits as well.  We are allowed to join Him in Kingdom business by praying for His children, witnessing to unbelievers about Jesus, and teaching and preaching His Word.  Serving Him is a privilege and honor.  We are blessed to be able to serve such a gracious and loving God.

As you go throughout your day today, remember that you are serving God in all you do.  Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or run a Fortune 500 company, everything you do as a child of God reflects on Him.  What picture of God are you showing to the world in your service?  Be encouraged and remember to give God all the praise, glory, and honor due to His name.


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