Aretha’s New Book is Coming Soon

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God is THE provider.  He’s my source.  He’s my portion.  He always comes through and gives me everything I need – and I’m not just talking about material things.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, God comforted me.  It was God who sent me to the right doctors.  It was God who healed me.  God is my Daddy, and He always looks out for His baby girl.  God is awesome.  He isn’t a cold, emotionless entity in heaven – just out there somewhere.  He’s an intimate, loving, giving Father who desires to see His children healthy and blessed.

Where are you in your walk with God?  Do you know Him?  I don’t mean just knowing about Him.  I mean, do you REALLY know Him?  Do you have a relationship with Him?  Do you spend time with Him as you do with your significant other or your children?  If not, I beg you to get to know Him.  Your relationship with God is the most important relationship you will ever have.  Honestly, without a relationship with Him, you can’t have an effective relationship with anyone else because He teaches you how to love.  He teaches you compassion and empathy.  Get to know Him today.  Pursue God.  You will be richly rewarded for your efforts!




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