What 30 Days of Blogging Have Taught Me

I can’t believe a month has passed since I launched my blog on 6/1/16.  I’ve learned and accomplished a lot during this past month and want to share a few of them with you:


Photo Credit: Wonderlass
Photo Credit: Wonderlass

What I’ve Learned

  • Networking on social media takes a lot more time than I anticipated.  If you’re not careful, you can spend more time scrolling on social media than you on content creation.
  • Engaging readers (liking other bloggers’ Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages) seem to result in more Likes and Followers for your blog.
  • Don’t allow the number of Followers to discourage you.  It’s easy to lose steam when you don’t see the expected numbers.  Remember, slow and steady wins the race.
  • Your blog and/or freelance business can become overwhelming.  You need downtime so take it.
  • Goal setting and task lists are essential, but the execution of the task list is more important.  I still have uncompleted tasks that I created for June.  Since I didn’t complete the tasks, some goals are unmet.
  • Time management is super important for bloggers who are still working full-time.  My planner has been my best friend.  I suggest writing down all tasks, appointments, and responsibilities in a planner and carrying it with you all the time.
  • I’m glad I created an Editorial Calendar.  If you don’t have one, you really should create one.
  • Remembering your WHY keeps you focused and encouraged.  Again, when you don’t see the numbers you want to see, remember your WHY.
  • Finding your niche and target audience is more critical than I realized.  If you don’t narrow it down, you’ll find yourself all over the place.  Narrowing down your audience and niche will help you be more efficient and productive.
  • And here’s a BIGGIE…….. if you’re new to blogging, ask yourself, “Am I going to blog as a business or a hobby?”  If it’s a hobby, great!  If it’s a business, you have a LOT of planning and thinking you need to do.  I started my blog as a hobby, but within 30 days, I’ve realized the blog is simply a PART of my offerings.  Ultimately, I’m a writer who wants to be a published author. I also want to build and market my freelance writing/editing business.   So I want my website to highlight my books and freelance offerings.  My blog showcases my writing ability.  Does that make sense?    This is my opinion, and I’m sure other bloggers may disagree.  And that’s fine.  I just want newbie bloggers to think about their goals as they plan and launch their blogs.

Let’s move on to my accomplishments.

My Accomplishments

  • Launched my website!
  • Created 14 blog posts (these were on my editorial calendar).
  • Created and distributed my very first e-book entitled “Forgiven to Forgive.” Yay me!!!!!
  • My list of actual subscribers is still very low, but my social media accounts are doing very well (these numbers were as of 7/1):
    • Facebook – 226 Likes
    • Twitter – 167 Followers
    • Instagram – 191 Followers
  • Added Podcasting to my content and created three podcasts.  I’m a preacher and adult bible study teacher, so adding the podcast was a natural progression.
  • Learned Canva and MailChimp.
  • Offered free freelance services to five clients in exchange for testimonials.  I delivered all five projects and got two clients!!!  Whewwww Hoooooo!
  • Created Fiverr and Medium accounts, but I don’t think I want to use them for a freelance business.  I’ll probably close the accounts in July as I’d rather find clients on my own or by word of mouth.
  • Attended an entrepreneur workshop.
  • Created a PayPal account so I can receive payments.  Received my first payment and almost cried!  LOL

July Goals

I’ve set a few July goals for ReeINSPIRED, and I want to share them with you as well to help hold myself accountable:

  • Blog
    • Increase Subscriber email list to 500:
      • I need to encourage all my current Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers to subscribe to ReeINSPIRED.  My goal for July 31 is to have 500 blog followers.
    • Increase Social Media followers and content:
      • Facebook – 475 Likes
      • Twitter – 300 Followers
      • Instagram – 300 Followers

My July theme is Freedom in Christ.  I will create quality content on this topic in the form of the following:

      • 9 Blog Posts
      • 4 Podcasts
  • Books
    • Finish writing the 30-day “Mornings with God” devotional (edit: much of the content is available for free here on my website).
    • Finish editing “Life Lessons.”
    • Write 10,000 words toward my book “Growing Up In Christ.”
    • Launch my “How to Study the Bible” course.

Ok – so there you have it.  Prayerfully, focus, discipline, and excitement will enable me to meet my goals.

What about you?  How’d you do in June?  What are your goals for July?  Let’s talk!



  • Tasha

    Thank you so much for this blog post! My boyfriend and I have a blog together. We just launched last Saturday and I’m working really hard to get it out there but it’s already sometimes feeling overwhelming! I agree that having an editorial calendar is a MUST! We created one right away and knowing what our focus needs to be in planning for new posts has been SUPER helpful!


    Hi Tasha! Thanks for commenting. YES, blogging can be time consuming, but it’s definitely worth the labor involved. I’ve learned a lot and I love it so much. I wish I’d embarked on this journey years ago!

    I’m sure your blog is going to do well.


  • Ayanna

    You go girl!!! Very inspiring post. I’m planning to launch my blog soon and trying to get my schedule and calendar in order now. And I loved when you said, “Prayerfully, focus, discipline, and excitement will enable me to meet my goals.” I’ll definitely have to reminder that. I pray continued blessing and growth for you, God bless!


    Hi Ayanna,

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog post. Yes, I learned a lot in the first 30 days and have learned even more in July. I’ll be posting “What 2 months of Blogging Have Taught Me” real soon. So stay tuned.

    Good luck on your blog launch. You’re going to LOVE it.


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