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My Beautiful Sister-in-Christ,

This isn’t another one of those woe is me, how do I get over it devotionals. No indeed. This is a “Girl – use your experiences to help someone else” devotional. This is a devotional of empowerment to inspire you to get out of the pit of despair and do something with all the heartache and pain you’ve experienced.

Why are you hoarding your life experiences? Don’t let all that knowledge go to waste, my Sister! Use it – all for the glory of the Lord. Why sit in the pit of despair forever rethinking all the hell you’ve gone through, playing it repeatedly through your mind like a scratched LP? Who benefits from that? No one. Let’s change that – shall we?

People go through life looking for that “thing” they were called or purposed to do. I should know about this because I did it for years, especially when I first came to Christ. However, life has often been setting you up for your divine call since you were a little girl. God placed many attributes, gifts, and talents in that vessel that you see when you look in the mirror every morning. Those attributes, gifts, and talents have been untapped for a long time, waiting for you to get them. Not only have the attributes, gifts, and talents been there, but so have all your unique life experiences.

My Sister, don’t you realize that you went through the abuse, neglect, poverty, bankruptcy, death, hurt, pregnancies, abortions, marriage, divorce, etc., for a reason? Let’s establish one thing right now – while those things may not have been God’s perfect will for your life, He can still use them for His glory and your benefit (Romans 8:28).

Will you let him? Yes? Good!

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In His Service,

Aretha L. Grant




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