Writing Encouragement

Benefits of Writing

I self-published my first non-fiction book last year, but I’m still not rich! As a matter of fact, I don’t think I broke even with my sales.  And as I look across the room at the box holding my books, I realize I still have 16 books I need to either sell or give away.  I write because I love writing not because I’m trying to get rich.  

I’ve already accepted that I may never get rich through my writing (although I’d be thrilled if I did).  And I’m ok with that.  Writing has enriched me in other ways.  It’s those “other ways” that motivate me to keep writing. 

Become a Better Writer

Isn’t it amazing that we practice sports and taking tests, rehearse singing and acting (another form of practicing), and apply different techniques on hairstyles and applying makeup to get better at those activities, but many people don’t practice their writing?  We write a draft and think that draft should be perfect. Yet, the reality is, the more we write, the better our writing becomes.  Thus, writing is excellent practice for the craft and art of writing.  I try to write every day and I believe this practice is making me a better writer.  Thus, I’m becoming more confident in creating realistic dialogue, pacing, and setting. The more you write, the better writer you’ll become. 

Increase Confidence

The more I write and publish my writing, the more confident I’m becoming in my writing ability.  I’m still plagued at moments with fear and doubt, but I press through those moments to keep writing.  I’m growing more confident in sharing my work and expressing my voice and style.  I’m also becoming more confident in exploring my writing ideas.  I’m learning that not all my ideas will result in a full-length novel.  Some writings are simply for practice.  Some of them should be shelved for a later time.  Some of them are perfect for a different scene. Writing will improve your confidence as well. 

Bless Others

My first non-fiction work was a labor of love.  The book is part devotional, Bible study, and memoir in which I discuss teen pregnancy and subsequent death of my preemie son, my divorce, and my cancer journey. I’ve sold many copies, but I’ve also given away many copies to women going through their breast cancer journeys. Being able to give hope to people facing hardship has been a blessing for me and has enriched me in ways money can’t. Your writing should benefit others as well.  

As you continue your writing journey, I implore you to focus on the non-financial benefits you’re gleaning through your writing.  You have a lot to offer the world.  The world needs to read your words, your truth, your message, your story.  By doing so, you’ll enrich both the reader and yourself.


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