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Intentional Living

Can you believe 2019 is upon us already? I can’t. It seems like just yesterday we were making plans and resolutions for 2018.

I promised myself 2018 would be the year I’d reach my ideal weight, publish my first book, pay down some debt, and write full-time.

I self-published my first non-fiction book (yayyy me!) and paid down some debt (whewww hooo!), but I didn’t lose any weight, nor did I start writing full time. 2 out of 4 isn’t bad, right? Right! But I could have done so much more had I been intentional in meeting my goals.

My Word

Every year, I seek the Lord for a “word.” I then focus on that word throughout the year. The Lord impressed Intentional upon my spirit for 2019.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines intentional as “done by intention or design.” Some of its synonyms include: conscious, deliberate, intended, knowing, and purposeful. (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/intentional, retrieved 1/1/19).

I liked the word INTENTIONAL, and when I meditated on why the Lord showed me that particular word, I saw that while I am intentional in some areas of my life, I’m not deliberate or purposeful in others. Further, I could accomplish more if I were intentional in those other areas.

I’m intentional about seeking God, studying and teaching the Bible, and loving my family. However, I’m not intentional about eating healthfully or writing on a consistent basis. But I need to be.

Being “conscious, deliberate, intended, knowing, and purposeful” about eating healthfully and writing consistently will ensure I see progress toward my weight loss and writing goals in 2019. Being intentional about serving the Lord and my family will ensure I prioritize my life appropriately. Intentional living helps us keep first things first.

Thus I’m declaring 2019 the year of Intentional Living. I will be more intentional about all areas of my life. I will be conscious, deliberate, and purposeful in eating healthfully and writing consistently. I’ll put in work! And 2019 is the year I reach all my goals because I will be INTENTIONAL.

If you haven’t chosen your 2019 word and/or desire to be more intentional about your spiritual life, family, career/business, ministry, or health, let me urge you to choose a word on which to focus this year. I believe you will find success if you remain focused and intentional.

In His service,



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