Mornings with God

Meditating on Psalm 14:2

“The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God” (Psalm 14:2).

Good morning.

What does God see when He looks down from heaven?  More specifically, what does He see when He looks at you and me?

Does He see us seeking wisdom?  Does He see us seeking insight?  Does He see us seeking Him for anything at all?  Seek here means “consult, inquire; practice, study, follow, seek with application.”

Are we consulting Him on decisions and for answers?  Are we seeking Him for simple knowledge, or are we seeking Him for transformation?  Are we seeking His hands, or are we seeking His heart?

What does God see?  Do we even care what He sees?  People tend to be on their best behavior when they know someone in authority is watching.  Yet, we somehow forget that God sees all.  He is Jehovah Rohi.

When God looks down from heaven upon us, He sees His son’s blood.  He looks at us through grace and mercy.  He looks at us with love.  Let’s not take that grace, mercy, and love for granted.  Let’s give Him something to look upon to bring a smile to His countenance.


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