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New YouTube Channel

I started a YouTube channel, ya’ll. I’m so excited about it, but let me back up a little…

In early July, I started getting up and going for a morning walk. One day, I made a brief video on TikTok about my walking journey and shared it to my other social media accounts. People seemed to like the video, so I started creating videos Monday-Friday while I was out walking.

Each video has a daily topic and some of them even feature my husband! My topics have included:


Be Prepared

Who’s Your Biggest Cheerleader?

Can You Stand the Rain

Slay Your Goals

You Have Something to Offer

and much, much more.

Unfortunately, I heard that TikTok may be taken down (?), compelling me to post my videos in a different location. Hence, I decided to upload them to Youtube. Since then, I create my videos directly on YouTube and share them to my social media accounts.

The feedback has been amazing. People have reached out to me saying my daily nuggets are inspiring them to pursue their dreams and goals. Well, I want to inspire and encourage you too. I’m already planning content for the rest of the year and have some exciting things coming for 2021. Won’t you visit my YouTube channel today by clicking this link and clicking the Subscribe button? Also, make sure you also click the notification bell so you’re notified whenever I upload new content.

And while you’re at, make sure you’re following me on all my social media accounts.

I appreciate your support!


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