Spiritual Growth

Seeing Clearly

Are you experiencing hazy, unclear vision regarding your calling and purpose?  You know you have a gift from God, and you desire to use it, but you’re not sure WHERE to use it or even WHEN to use it.  Allow me to share a few tips that will help improve your vision:

Keep practicing and perfecting the gift.

Don’t worry about WHERE to use your gift.  Don’t even worry about WHEN to use your gift.  Just keep using it.  Practice, practice, practice.  Get better at your gift.  Improve upon it.

Pray over your gift.

Stay in constant prayer about your gift.  Pray that God uses the gift to glorify Himself.  Pray that God reveals any pride in your heart concerning your gift.  Pray for the opportunities to use your gift.

Step out in faith

When God presents the opportunity to you, take a giant leap of faith and GO FOR IT!  Trust God to bless your endeavors.  Trust God to lead and direct you.  My experience has been that God presents opportunities for each of us differently. If you expect God to move in your life the same way He moved in someone else’s, you will miss His movement and your season.

The improved vision will provide greater insight, clarity, purpose, and excitement. It’s amazing how God’s calling combined with His leading brings so much focus and understanding.

Yes, as God moves you toward your destiny, your vision becomes clearer through practice, prayer, and faith.  Keep going.  Don’t stop.  It’s never too late.  You’ve come too far to give up now.  Trust God with the outcome.

Until later,



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