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Get Ready for Change

Change is in the air….. Can’t you sense it?

Those of us who live in Maryland are seeing leaves changing colors and falling off trees. The temperature is cooler than it was just a few weeks ago. And the sun is setting earlier than it did in the summer. We know fall is upon us, and winter is right around the corner. The leaves, temperature, and sunset indicate seasonal change.

Depending on where you live, you may not see the changes in nature that Marylanders see. However, I’m sure you’re seeing something that reminds you the seasons are changing.

I sense a spiritual seasonal change for some people, as well. There’s a shift urging us from the comfortable places – to unknown areas to which God is leading us.

There’s work God requires from us that will cause us to press in closer, more deeply, to Him. For those of you who desire to be used by God, He’s going to use you in ways you never imagined.

Unfortunately, some people have placed not only God in a box but themselves as well. They can’t discern the changes taking place from inside the box.

They’ve taught the Bible for a long time, and that’s what they envision themselves doing the rest of their life because they love it so much. God is pleased with their teaching, but He’s shifting them to something else, something that requires their biblical knowledge and teaching experience.

Or perhaps they’ve been a choir member for a long time. Maybe they’ve considered being a choir director, maybe not. God may require them to step out of their comfortable place in the choir to lead the choir.

The change they’re sensing could be related to their job. Maybe it’s time to step up. Perhaps it’s time to pursue a promotion. God is giving them greater responsibility in their career.

Some of them have been faithfully attending church and Bible study for many years. They’re saved, but God is calling them into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Himself. Don’t fight it. Go with the flow. A greater anointing is coming. However, along with the greater anointing, comes greater responsibility.

These are just a few examples of the possible changes to which God is calling us. The coming change is good for us and our spiritual growth. Although the change may not FEEL good to us, it’ll work together for our good (see Romans 8:28).

Change makes me a little nervous, BUT I’m ready.  Are you ready to embrace the next season?

If you’re not ready, get ready. Get ready for God to use you in an even more excellent way and for greater responsibility with greater accountability.

Get ready for change. Your season is NOW.

Until next time, 



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