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100-Day Challenge

I love a challenge. So, when one of the authors I follow issued a 100-day challenge, I was in. Her instructions were simple: choose one thing and commit to doing it for 100 days. I was ready to commit but couldn’t think of a goal to pursue or task to complete.

I considered exercise, but then I said, “Now – Aretha, there’s no way you’ll exercise 100 days in a row without any rest. No, ma’am!” So, I decided against exercise.

Then I considered prayer and Bible study, but I do those things every day (ok – most days) anyway, so I thought that was cheating.

And since I love to write, I thought about committing to writing every day for 100 days, but just like prayer and Bible study, I do that every day too.

I was stuck, Y’all.

And then an idea hit me. I’m on social media EVERY.SINGLE.DAY watching videos, reading posts, and finding inspiration. What if I committed to using social media as a content creator instead? Hmmmmm – I was on to something.

The challenge started Tuesday, March 14 and thus far I’ve posted a (an):

  • TikTok video talking about the challenge.
  • Note on TikTok about joy.
  • TikTok video based on Psalm 92 in which I encourage older people.
  • TikTok video after I went for a 30-minute walk encouraging folks just to start.
  • Another TikTok video encouraging writers to start with what they have.
  • And this blog post!

Most of that content can also be found on my ReeInspired Instagram page here.

So – tell me, what would you choose to do for 100 days?

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