Breast Cancer Survivor

A Note to My Ex

I hate going for my annual mammogram because it’s reminder of what I’ve been through and what could possibly happen again.  I’m so over the whole cancer thing but it’s like being in a relationship with the ex from hell.  You gain freedom from him but he always comes around reminding you of your past with him, a past you’d rather forget.

This ex wasn’t good to you.  He didn’t bring you flowers, never loved you, and only sought to harm you.  He was physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive but expects you to welcome his presence with open arms while you prefer never to see him nor his family ever again.  And it’s especially difficult with this ex because you have to sit around helplessly, as he spreads his poison to other unsuspecting victims…and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Except pray and spread awareness.

While your ex is a formidable foe, you serve an all-powerful God who already defeated your ex.  Your ex can destroy the body, but he can’t have your spirit.  And that’s what he wants – to depress, oppress, and silence you, and steal the hope of God’s people, but he can’t – because our faith is grounded and rooted in who God is.

The ex wants us afraid of him but we won’t, we can’t.  I can’t let him steal my life, my hopes, my dreams.  Although fearful memories of my ex occasionally pop up, my faith is settled on Jesus Christ and I won’t be moved.  I was an overcomer before my ex arrived on the scene and I’ll continue being an overcomer.  My ex visited my life and although he sought to destroy me, I am better because of him.

Victory, even over cancer, belongs to Jesus and it belongs to me too.  So, I write today to let my ex know, mammograms will no longer be a reminder of his evil presence.  Instead, mammograms, and cancer related doctor appointments and lab work are reminders to my ex that God defeated him when Christ died on the cross.

So, cancer, my ex, you aren’t a reminder to me.  I’m a reminder to you of the victory Christ wrought for me!



A cancer Survivor


  • Meredith

    Once again I am reading your Note… and drawing strength from the words you shared. As the old hymn says, “Beautiful words, wonderful words, wonderful words of life.” Praying your continued strength and healing.
    Thanks and God bless!

  • B.W. Mckay

    Thank you for sharing. You are strong, oh so strong. I watched my mother battle with cancer and it’s painful to watch. My heart is delighted to read how you overcame and is still exercising your faith


    Awwww – thank you so much. My mother and brother both passed from cancer. It’s such an ugly disease. The fear of recurrence can be torture for some cancer survivors. But fearing recurrence can potentially steal your ability to LIVE and I refuse to give cancer that much power over me. God is so good and He is faithful. Please continue to pray for me and other survivors.


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