Overcomer Series

Through the Storm

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me,” (Psalm 23:4).


Dealing with hardships, obstacles, challenges (whatever you want to call them) is difficult.  Not knowing how long they’re going to last makes enduring them more difficult.  When financial crises, health issues, or marital strife occurs, we feel as though we’re going to have to contend with the issue forever.  The only thing you can see is the battle currently before you.  You can’t see the end.  You can’t see the victory.  You can’t see the celebration because you’re so focused on the fear, confusion, and heartache you’re experiencing.


Have you ever gone through a storm, a trial, which was so tumultuous it made you feel as though you were going to perish?  Those types of storms seem to last forever.  Regardless how much you pray, study the Bible, and fast, the storm doesn’t relent.  On the contrary, the storm only seems to intensify.  What’s an Overcomer to do?  Have faith!


Are you currently going through a trial or storm?  Has the Lord given you a Word of comfort, encouragement, or instruction? If so, stand on the Word.  If not, seek the Lord for instructions and then stand on the Word.


Overcomers stay focused on God’s ability, His power.  Overcomers have the attitude which says although I’m going through right now and can’t see how God is going to deliver me, I know He is able. And knowing He is able fills them with encouragement to endure.


Yes, the valley of the shadow of death is real.  Storms are real.  Trials are real.  Hardships and challenges are real.  Many people will face illnesses and financial setbacks.  But we serve a mighty God who is able to rebuke the situations we’re facing and create immediate calm.


“Where is your faith?”  Jesus spoke those words to the disciples and He’s speaking those words to us today?


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