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Kept in Perfect Peace

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee,” (Isaiah 26:3).

One of the things the enemy attacks is our peace because praising, worshiping, and serving the Lord, and loving His people are difficult without peace.  The enemy is well aware of this.  He attacks our peace to keep us in a constant state of chaos and confusion.  Where chaos and confusion abide, you will not find the Holy Spirit.  He does not dwell in such environments.

Satan is the author of confusion and he spreads his poison everywhere. Confusion breeds chaos.  They go hand-in-hand.  When you find peace, you find tranquility.  Peace in Isaiah 26:3 is defined as, safe, well, happy, welfare, health, prosperity, rest, safety, be well.  This is God’s will for us.

Notice the verse says God will keep those in perfect peace whose minds are stayed on Him.  If we allow the enemy to steal our focus and our minds from God’s peace and place them on the confusion and chaos around us, living in the perfect peace God promises in Isaiah 26:3 will be impossible.

When we keep our minds on God, these are the things we’ll think about and Satan hates when we think on the good.  Satan doesn’t want us to meditate or think about positive, encouraging, or godly things.  He wants us to think on the opposite.  He wants us to think about what’s corrupt, defiled, immoral, impure, disagreeable, unworthy, unimportant, or shameful.  Yet, those words don’t edify, comfort, nor bless.

Dear Overcomer – I want you to keep your mind “stayed” on God. We need to train our minds to stay on God and lean upon the Lord.  We need to rest in Christ.  We need to stand fast and let the Holy Spirit sustain us.

Saints, we have to fight to maintain our peace.  Overcomers can’t permit distractions or diversions to bring chaos and confusion into their lives.  Overcomers can’t allow confusion and chaos to reign in their lives, destroying their peace.   Overcomers can’t settle for lives without peace.  You need peace and you deserve it.  Hold on to it.  Protect it. Guard it.

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