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Our Liberty in Christ

Be honest, are there areas in your life where you need deliverance?  Perhaps you want freedom from low self-esteem, or you need to make wiser financial decisions.  Some of you may struggle with anger or the ability to show love.  Perhaps unforgiveness has you bound because of something that happened decades ago.

You do not have to stay stuck in that prison.  Christ has set you FREE.  He has called you to LIBERTY.

For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another… (Galatians 5:13).

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Liberty here means “…living as we SHOULD not as we please” (Strong’s Numbers G1657).

Anything Goes

Unfortunately, we live in an “anything goes” society.  We are boldly living as we please, gratifying the flesh.  Our focus is what will make the flesh happy, living a lifestyle in which any sin is acceptable.  We’re all desperately pursuing what we want.

And this attitude has even infiltrated the church.  Many church folks are just as hateful, angry, unforgiving and unbending as the world, maybe more so.  Even our young people want to live as they please.  They don’t want to obey authority figures in the schools or their homes, not even their parents.  They are disrespectful, disobedient, and angry.

Keys to the Prison

Fortunately, God has given us the key to unlocking this prison.  We can leave this vicious merry-go-round NOW.  We don’t have to resign ourselves or our families to this lot in life.  No indeedy!

We don’t have to live as we please; we can live as God wants us to.  We don’t have to be angry.  We can have joy.  We don’t have to hate.  We can love.  We don’t have to have an unforgiving heart.  We can forgive.  We don’t have to live in chaos.  We can live in peace.  We don’t have to doubt God.  We can BELIEVE Him. We can walk in holiness with a servant’s heart.  We can live as we SHOULD, walking in love, joy, forgiveness, and wisdom.

I refuse to continue giving an occasion to the flesh.  I’ve resolved to live as I should, as God commands because that’s where I’ll find joy and peace.

Who’s with me?  Will you commit to serving others with love?

Christ did….

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