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Live Life on Your Terms

I’ve declared war on mediocrity.  I’ve declared war on mediocre living in particular.

I come across people every day who can’t, or refuse, or are afraid to LIVE their lives on their terms.  Many of these people don’t even know what their “terms” are.  Terms are the standards you’ve set which stipulate what you want or desire, and what you’ll accept.

If you don’t know what you want or desire, you won’t know what to pursue and you’ll pursue the wrong things.  If you don’t know what you’ll accept, then you’ll accept anything that comes your way.  You’ll stay in unhealthy relationships.  You’ll stay in unfulfilling jobs.  You’ll accept a life that’s less than God’s perfect best for you.

And for what?

Listen, I’m not just talking about material things, although that’s a part of it.  I’m talking about LIFE!

Are you tolerating an unhealthy relationship because you’re afraid of being alone?

Are you tired of being broke, living paycheck to paycheck unable to enjoy a vacation?

Are you afraid to leave a boring job that doesn’t fulfill you?

Don’t you want to be used more in ministry?

Don’t you want more out of life?

I do.

After my breast cancer diagnosis, I decided to LIVE and I’m making small changes that are reaping BIG rewards.  For example – I’m 45 years old and only tasted scallops in February when I took one off my husband’s plate at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day.  I couldn’t believe I’d gone 45 years without experiencing the wonderful flavor of a scallop because I refused to try something new, something different.  How many delicious meal options had I missed because of my refusal to try something different from what I was used to?  I went to the store, bought a pound of scallops – boy they’re expensive – and made a delicious meal for my family and me (and I hate cooking).

Another example of my choice to LIVE is this blog.  I’ve been writing for years but always thought my writings weren’t good enough to share publicly.  I’d only allow a select few of my family and friends read my “nuggets” as I liked to call them.  In May of this year I decided to go for it and I’m loving it, spelling mistakes, grammar boo boos, and all!

My blog encouraged me to research and launch a freelance business doing what I’ve been doing, FREE, for years for family, friends, employers (when it wasn’t in my job description), and other associates:  Writing and Editing.  Do you know how many resumes, cover letters,  business letters, newsletters, and brief bios I’ve written and/or edited over the years?  How much marketing material and web content?  A LOT.  But when you don’t have confidence in yourself and don’t know your value, you won’t think about setting “terms” and will never launch a business.

These examples apply to every facet of our lives.

How many beautiful outfits have you refused because you thought, incorrectly, that a particular color or style wouldn’t look good on you?

How much money have you wasted chasing things and people who weren’t any good for you.

What business could you launch, but you’re afraid to step out on faith?

It is time to cast mediocre living aside and get a ZEST for LIFE.  It’s time to try a new dish, a new outfit, a new hairstyle, a new shade of lipstick.  It’s time to launch that business, update that resume, pursue that promotion at work.  It’s time to ask the Lord to guide your steps in ministry.  It’s time to catch up on those bills, pay off that debt, and buy that new home.  There’s a big world out there waiting on you to discover it.

Are you ready?

It’s time to LIVE.  Now – go get your blessing!

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