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Keep Your Hope Alive

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” (Hebrews 11:1).

What exactly is hope?  Romans 8:24 tells us “…hope that is seen is not hope…”  As a noun, hope is the thing you’re desiring.  Hope is the end result or the fruit of your prayers.  You have faith in God for that which you’re hoping.

Faith brings hope to life.  Faith makes the thing hoped for real – before it manifests in your life.  Overcomers ensure the thing they’re hoping for aligns with God’s word before they apply their faith. Once you are sure the thing you want aligns with God’s word and begin praying and having faith, the Overcomer counts it as done.

Regardless how the promise sounds, how far-fetched, believe and trust God.  Follow His instructions.  Obey His word.  Hope for everything God promised you.  If God told you you’d one day own a home, believe Him.  If God said He would heal you then believe Him.  If God told you your wayward children would become mighty men and women of God, believe Him.  Stand fast in your hope, apply faith, pray, and believe God to bring the promise to pass in His timing.

Overcomers hold on to their hope and if they feel their hope wavering, they go the Lord in prayer asking for more strength.  Yes, hope is instrumental to the Overcomer’s ability to prevail over life’s trials and tests.

Overcomers don’t let go of their hope.  Overcomers keep hope alive.  Overcomers know if the thing hoped for doesn’t manifest, God has something better in store for them.  So, they keep hoping.

Perhaps you’re too afraid to hope for something due to past disappointments. I need you to let go of the past and its failures and press on.  Don’t let the enemy steal your hope or you’re likely to become bitter and cynical like Naomi.

We can’t always see what God is doing.  And that’s fine!  We don’t need to always see what He’s doing.  We need to maintain our hope.  Let me leave you with this scripture:

“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord,” (Psalm 31:24). 


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