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50 by 50

I texted one of my friends to wish her happy birthday and she told me about a challenge she embarked upon when she was turning 50. She came up with a list of 50 things she wanted to accomplish in the year she was turning 50. She said, “Aretha, you should do it. I didn’t complete everything on my list but I successfully completed a few.”

I’m always up for a good challenge, so I said YES, I’m going to do it. I broke out my Bullet Journal and created a “50 By 50” page. I added important things to my list, such as remain cancer-free and lose weight, but I also added simple and fun things to my list, such as the following, which I’ve already completed:

  1. Buy a new bedspread.
  2. Cut my hair.
  3. Color my hair.

I want to think up 20 more tasks and will do so over the next several months. I’m dreaming BIG, which is something I haven’t done in a long time. You see, since my cancer diagnosis in 2013, I’ve been afraid to dream out of fear of recurrence. But you know what? Life is short, and I won’t be scared to DREAM and dream BIG.

Thus, I will complete my 50-by-50 list and finish most, if not all, the items on my list. I’m focused and determined to LIVE life!

What about you? What have you always wanted to do, but haven’t because of fear, insecurity, low self-esteem, or other hindrances?

Share them in the comments below and let’s talk!

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