Overcomer Series

Cast Your Cares

“Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you,” (1 Peter 5:7).


God is concerned about you.  He cares about what happens to you.  He cares what people say about you.  He cares about the trouble you’re in.  He cares about every tear you shed.  He cares about the consequences of the sins you commit.


He understands we are flesh and blood and have feelings and emotions.  He knows we’re easily frightened.  He knows we become emotional and upset.  He knows we ache inside when a loved one dies. God knows we’re prone to hold stress in our bodies, leading to sickness.  And because He is concerned about our well-being, the Lord tells us to cast all our care on Him because He cares for us.


What has you concerned right now?   What’s keeping you up at night full of anxiety?


Overcomers believe God is going to eventually move on their behalf.  They hope in Him.  They place their faith in Him.  Overcomers try to see beyond their current circumstances.  They try to look ahead at the glory which shall be revealed either on this side of eternity or the other.


Do you believe God cares for you?  Do you believe you can cast your cares upon Him?  If yes, praise the Lord.  If no, start believing today.  Start casting, throwing, your cares upon Him.  Although leaving the cares with Him is difficult, cast them upon Him anyway. Resist the temptation to pick up the cares again and carry them yourself when you don’t see Him moving as quickly as you’d like.  He said we could cast our cares upon Him and He fully expects us to cast them. Besides, He can carry our burdens much easier than we can.


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