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3 Tips to Help Christians Work Together in the Kingdom

My husband and I went to see Captain America: Civil War this evening.  It was a very interesting movie but of course, I saw a bible study lesson.  I don’t want to tell the plot of the movie, suffice it to say that the enemy caused the Avengers to turn against one another.

As I sat in the theater watching the movie, I thought about how the enemy of our souls does the same thing.  The enemy hates Christians and he sows seeds of discord which causes us to view one another as enemies.  We’re not enemies.  We’re brothers and sisters-in-Christ.  As long as we fight against each other, we lose focus on the main thing: advancing the kingdom of heaven.

It’s imperative that we see his tricks for what they are, distractions from our kingdom purposes.  The very person you view as an enemy, may be the person God desires you to work with to advance His kingdom, save His people, or combat the enemy.  Imagine how much further the church could go if we worked together, encouraging and motivating each other towards works of righteousness that honor God, instead of succumbing to the temptations to hate and discourage one another. Saints, working in unity is a sign of spiritual maturity.

Here are three simple tips to help us work together instead of against one another:

  1. Love one another; prefer and esteem another above ourselves
  2. Reconcile with your brother or sister
  3. Purposely work ministry together

If we commit to doing these three things, I promise that we will have the victory each and every time the enemy raises his head and God will be glorified.


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