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Be Led by the Spirit of God

“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God,” (Romans 8:14)


Who, or what, leads you through life?  Are you more led by success, money, or emotions, than by the Lord?  Be honest.


I want to discuss the dangers of being led by our emotions.  Our emotions are real.  Some of the emotions or feelings we experience include fear, anger, sadness, joy, disgust, anxiety, shame, confusion, embarrassment, envy, frustration, happiness, insecurity, loneliness, love, pride, relief, suspicion, terror, and worry.  The list is more extensive than what I’ve included but I think you get the point.


Unfortunately, some of us live our lives based on what we’re feeling. For example, how often have you not praised the Lord, gone to church, or exercised because of how you felt?  How many times have you called in sick to work because you didn’t want to deal with a co-worker, boss, or client?  How many times have you felt down about yourself because you didn’t “feel” pretty or sexy or confident?


Experiencing emotions is normal and healthy.  Being led by them is not.  The quickest way to live life on a roller coaster is living according to your emotions.  Your emotions can become a little “g” god.  If your emotions tell you go, you’ll go.  If your emotions tell you stop, you’ll stop.  If your emotions tell you to view someone with suspicion, you’ll view them with suspicion.   So, how can we overcome our emotions and stop walking according to them?


“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God,” (Romans 8:14).


Christians should be led only by the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God will never deceive nor harm us.  If you want to walk as an Overcomer, let God’s Spirit lead you.


The word “led” in Romans 8:14 includes “induce” as one of its definitions. According to Webster’s, induce means “to cause (someone or something) to do something.”  When our emotions and feelings compel us to act, we can find ourselves in trouble. Think about people who are in jail because their feelings led them to commit a crime against someone.  Also think about people who married without heeding wisdom. Wisdom cried out but they were following their emotions and didn’t heed the wisdom they heard. You see, feelings and emotions can cause us to make unwise decisions.


The Spirit of the Lord is all-knowing (omniscient) and all-powerful (omnipotent).  He knows the consequences of the decisions we’re making and either encourages or discourages our decisions based upon His will for our lives. Unfortunately, when our feelings and emotions lead and influence our decisions, we’ll make unwise or hasty decisions leading to hardship.


Overcomers have the Holy Spirit abiding in them and He will lead and guide us into all truth.  We must submit to His will and trust Him irrespective how the situation looks or how we feel.  I know some of the obstacles you’re facing seem insurmountable.  I know they seem impossible. God does some of His best work in the impossible.


Think about all the challenges you’ve already overcome.  Think about how God came through for you before.  He delivered you then; He’ll deliver you again.  Overcomers never forget the power of God.  Make sure you don’t either.


When negative feelings arise, speaking to you, frightening and hindering you, purpose in your heart you won’t allow your feelings to block your blessings. Set your heart to obey God at any cost. When you are facing giants, remind yourself God is bigger, mightier, and stronger than those giants, and has your back. Go into the land and possess what God has ordained for you to possess.


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